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Your donation provides life-saving assistance to the people of Ukraine. Now, more than ever – amidst an unwanted war, your support makes a difference!!

What We Do

The Ukrainian American Freedom Foundation (UAFF) has since its inception furnished support for Ukraine in its efforts to become and remain a democratic sovereign nation.

We do so through humanitarian aid in a variety of forms as well as educational and informational programs designed to share the rich details of Ukraine’s history, culture, religious beliefs, and language.

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UAFF Advocacy Projects - Capitol Building, Washington, DC


We continue to petition our representatives to supply more sophisticated defense aid ...

UAFF Family Projects Young Boy Orphan Holding Sign Help Ukraine


A “Widows and Orphans Fund” has been established through the good offices of ...

UAFF Refugee Projects - Ukrainian Refugees


Over 6.1 million Ukrainians have fled Ukraine as a result of the invasion – mostly women and children.

UAFF Protection Projects - Protective Vests and Helmets


Together with a local partner Help for Ukraine, the UAFF supplies personal protective equipment ...

UAFF Educational Projects


UAFF provides educational and informational programs designed to share the rich details of ...

UAFF Saving Lives - tourniquets For Ukrainian Civilians


For over 25 years, UAFF has been providing medical relief to Ukraine. Recently we partnered ...

Our Impact

Since 2014, we have collected over $700,000 in donations which allowed us to leverage over $5 million dollars worth of projects for Ukraine. 

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